Pilates for Faster Results

Pilates for Faster ResultsWhen it comes to physical therapy clinics and Pilates studios, there are many choices. Praxis is one of the very few clinics that successfully incorporates Pilates core strengthening into your physical therapy rehabilitation phase… and then offers you the continuity of a Pilates Reformer Class upon completion of your physical therapy. This gets you well faster and keeps you well longer.

How We Can Help:

Ninety years ago, Joseph Pilates developed an exercise approach that targets the deepest trunk muscles, or core muscles. Your core is the strength center of your body, which in turn assists all of the joints of your arms and legs. A strong core means that you stand taller with better posture. Your spine is protected like an internal back brace, urinary incontinence is prevented, and more strength is available to your arms and legs, whether hitting a baseball or climbing stairs. And a bonus: Pilates will help you achieve a flatter tummy, which traditional sit-ups fail to do.

Since 2003, our Pilates-trained professional staff has routinely integrated Pilates reformer equipment, Pilates mat exercises and large therapy balls into our physical therapy treatment plans to great benefit. When recovering from an injury, the core is usually in dire need of strengthening, stabilization and support. Pilates builds strength and flexibility efficiently and comfortably, to get you back to your normal activities quickly.

When your formal physical therapy is at an end, you do not have to quit doing exercises on the Pilates reformer. The semi-private Pilates Reformer Classes at Praxis are a popular and economic way to continue building a longer, leaner and more fit you. However, it is NOT required that you be a prior patient at Praxis to enroll in a class. Classes are composed of just five students and are offered on weekday mornings, evenings and Saturday mornings. They are taught by our dedicated certified Pilates Instructors or by our licensed physical therapy staff.

Pilates for Faster Results
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Pilates for Students: Call Praxis to check class openings and to register for a Pilates Reformer Class. You should be relatively pain-free to participate in the hour-long Pilates Reformer Classes. New students are always welcome.

Pilates for patients: If you have a medical problem that you feel may benefit from Pilates, see your doctor, get a PT referral slip, and let us evaluate you and design the intensity of Pilates that is right for you. Ask for a “physical therapy evaluation” when you call. Insurance billing is available with a doctor’s (MD) referral for physical therapy.

Call Praxis at 310.548.3130 and see what everyone is raving about! Make it even more fun by signing up for your Pilates Reformer Class with a friend or relative!

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